10 July 2017

Outdoing Donald Trump’s repeated threats to “send in the feds” to deal with Chicago’s problems, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the man who promised to keep the war on Iraq going in 2007 in order for Democrats to run “against” it again in 2008, and...

29 June 2017

John Kiriakou led the CIA operation that arrested, or rather, kidnapped without charge, Abu Zubaydah. Joseph Hickman helped imprison Abu Zubaydah as a guard at Guantanamo and was later the lead researcher for Zubaydah’s habeas...

Lakhdar Boumediene
26 June 2017

The corpses pile up like sandbags along the planet’s geopolitical borders.

“Perhaps his condition...

21 June 2017

It is a tragic measure of the depravity of human existence that genocide
is a continuing and prevalent manifestation of violence in the
international system, despite the effort following World War II to

15 June 2017

The word, inappropriately uttered, has the news value of a bullet fired off at the mall. One word. It’s the ticking time bomb of American history. It pulsates with paradox.

07 June 2017

ermont, of all places, offers the latest example of how marijuana makes people crazy, the people in this case being the Republican governor and...


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