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Black woman on panel
11 January 2022

Six months in, the Civilian Police Review Board has not yet begun their work.

Over twenty years after citizens of Columbus began asking for a...

Gang stalking sign
06 January 2022

This is “Fatimah,” not her real name (pictured above, her face not shown). She’s a young single mother with toddler children. She is quick-witted,...

Protestor being maced
23 December 2021

It is arguably the most significant image from Columbus in the year 2020, and that’s saying a lot. It’s not an actual photo, but a screen shot of a video,...

22 December 2021
We cover a huge swath of the election protection universe in today’s GREEP #77 zoom gathering, with more than 90 people joining us.
Bernie Moreno
17 December 2021

As Ohio Republican Senate candidates Bernie Moreno and JD Vance malign, misrepresent, and demonize hard working Ohioans from immigrant backgrounds, the Ohio...

15 December 2021
We start with the great JENNIFER ROBERTS, former two-term mayor of Charlotte, NC.  Jennifer is a world-class pioneer in Election Protection, green power...