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A pill bottle with white pills spilling out
01 January 2020

Back in October at the historic federal opioid lawsuit in Cleveland, Cardinal Health and other opioid distributors were several hours...

Word IMPEACH in big red letters
18 December 2019

Approximately 1500 people lined High Street at Graceland Shopping Center in support of the Impeachment of Donald Trump on Tuesday Dec 17th.  It was one of...

Houses in the snow
05 December 2019

For luxury condo or apartment developers, we have heard it’s feast or famine. So it’s no surprise they want density in our coolest neighborhoods, which is...

People outside holding a Yes We Can banner
08 November 2019

Maybe City Council’s Elizabeth Brown forgot the Columbus Partnership was paying close attention.

Or maybe, just maybe, she was being genuine and didn...

Three people, a black woman, a Latina woman and white man
02 November 2019

Keep Austin Weird has done wonders for Central Texas. Those three...

A young couple and the man holding a baby
29 October 2019

Every Columbus progressive and lefty knows who Joe Motil is and thank goodness we have him. But with the City Council vote just days away, do you know...