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20 April 2020

Disease, poverty, and hunger encircle the globe. Even U.S. citizens (we are special, aren't we?) are marked as chattel for the...

17 April 2020

Robert Kennedy Jr wrote a letter to CNN Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reprinted here by Free Press Staff:



Shayla Favor
15 April 2020

Alek Nielsen has quietly been advocating for tenants’ rights around Central Ohio for two years – and he’s never witnessed such energy and enthusiasm for a...

07 April 2020

No one needs to tell the Freep how bad some Ohio State off-campus landlords can get. Their uncaring and second-class treatment of students and non-...

Words Rent Strike April 1st scrawled on a wall
31 March 2020

Who’s worse than an OSU campus slumlord?

Any OSU campus slumlord demanding rent be paid April 1st, and also threatening to raise rents because they...