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Homeless images
21 November 2023

The City of Columbus requires residential real estate developers to provide “affordable housing units” in exchange for tax abatements. But the City has not...

Encino approved route sign
14 November 2023

A meeting for the Ohio Oil and Gas Land Management Commission (OGLMC) to decide whether to approve or deny fracking for four Ohio state parks and wildlife...

Remy ad
08 November 2023

Emmanuel Remy was appointed to Columbus City Council in 2018, like all of his colleagues on Council, not elected. On the very first day he took office, Remy...

25 October 2023

When it comes to Columbus’s new district system for City Council, Eastside activist Jonathan Beard pulls no punches.

“I started calling this ‘...

Kenny Schweickart and marijuana images
17 October 2023

After decades of advocating for fully legal recreational marijuana, there is lament amongst some older stoners and hippies now that Ohio is on the cusp with...

Man holding a gun
04 October 2023

It was worth the long wait this past Saturday morning at Trinity Baptist Church on the Eastside for those with way too many guns on their hands. The City...