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30 September 2021

Ohio’s medical marijuana law and program are not perfect and there have been complaints – prices are too high, the state-mandated THC levels are too low,...

Birds eye view of quarry and words Welcome to Getaway Beach!
24 September 2021

Let’s face it. Columbus needs to be more like Austin.

Both are state capitals and have massive urban public universities. Both are left-leaning oases...

26 August 2021

Since January, 48 states have introduced at least 389 bills that amount to shameful, outright voter suppression -- and many have already become law.


18 August 2021

Morgan Harper, a consumer protection attorney and community organizer, is a 2022 Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate for Ohio. 

Born to a teenager,...

FOP logo and Shannon Hardin after being maced
29 July 2021

The new three-year labor deal between the City of Columbus and Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) Cap City Lodge #9 shows once again our local law enforcement...

21 July 2021

The citizen-led ProEnergy Ohio ballot initiative is likely making Columbus City Council, the Mayor’s Office and the Columbus Partnership take serious pause...