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Shayla Favor
15 April 2020

Alek Nielsen has quietly been advocating for tenants’ rights around Central Ohio for two years – and he’s never witnessed such energy and enthusiasm for a...

07 April 2020

No one needs to tell the Freep how bad some Ohio State off-campus landlords can get. Their uncaring and second-class treatment of students and non-...

Words Rent Strike April 1st scrawled on a wall
31 March 2020

Who’s worse than an OSU campus slumlord?

Any OSU campus slumlord demanding rent be paid April 1st, and also threatening to raise rents because they...

28 March 2020

Federal Judge in Southern District of New York Finds Detention Under Unsafe Conditions was Unconstitutional; Holds ICE Accountable for Failure...

Photos of grocery store workers
22 March 2020

UFCW Local 1059, the union representing 18,000 grocery and food distribution workers throughout Ohio, is asking Governor Mike DeWine to designate their...

Doctor Acton
21 March 2020

The Free Press has been calling for the full legalization of marijuana for half a century – this year marks the paper’s 50th anniversary, by the...