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Marijuana leaf with words on the leaves saying Medical Business and Horticulture
05 April 2019

Many hardworking and successful marijuana connoisseurs have dreamed of one day working a legal and legitimate job in the cannabis industry.


Teacher leaning over showing something to small child
02 April 2019

Columbus City Schools has had its share of issues and most local media love to kick our city schools while they’re down.

Recently, our region’s...

Word Destroyers in a logo with a artsy football below and an image of a football player to the right and Columbus downtown skyline to left
30 March 2019

Coaching a brand-spanking new football team is tough enough but try building one from the ground up.

Destroyers Head Coach Matt Sauk says he’s up for...

Silver handcuffs laying on marijuana leaves
06 March 2019

After Grove City police recently confiscated CBD products from a vape shop after executing a search warrant, what does this portend for all local CBD...

Lighted metal arch over street next to tall building
13 February 2019

Two to three years ago city parking officials and the Mayor’s Office began crafting the current Short North Parking Plan. Homeowners in the Short North aren...

Close up of a parking meter and cars parked behind it
06 February 2019

City leaders have said trying to find parking in the Short North, even during peak hours, is a First World problem.

“I do agree that this is a First...