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24 January 2021

Free Press staff directs you to this link in our efforts to eliminate the death penalty.



Curry Up sign
20 January 2021

After it went public that black-owned bakery Bake Me Happy in Merion Village was on the receiving end of a racist and violent threat, another minority-owned...

Text message image
14 January 2021

A fundraising effort to support terminated Columbus Division of Police officer Adam Coy is currently ongoing among many Columbus police officers, asking 200...

Proud Boys
12 January 2021

Not unsurprisingly, the so-called Trumpster “patriots” plan armed demonstrations in Washington D.C. and at all state capitol buildings this week,...

Bullet hole in house
02 January 2021

Columbus, OH) January 2, 2020  - Late in the evening of December 31, 2020, an unidentified shooter fired a single shot into the home of the...

Smiling white man
27 December 2020

The website, also referred to as “Serve Us,” is once again being vindicated for what it reveals...