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Man showing a spot in mouth where there is a gap.
17 December 2020

Immigration activists from across the state claim U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)recently attempted to deport a Columbus resident who is an...

Toys under a Christmas tree
16 December 2020

Take a deep breath, many of us are getting through this year with our feet still on the ground, albeit in our living room’s makeshift office.


Collage of FB messages and golden bear logo
09 December 2020

When a podcast titled “Whites of the Roundtable” is focused mainly on Central Ohio’s most prestigious old-money suburb Upper Arlington (UA), by railing...

03 December 2020

The family of Julius E. Tate will gather on North Champion Avenue and Mt. Vernon Avenue on December 7th at 3 pm to commemorate and raise awareness of Julius...

Collage of photos including a black woman talking, a guy with a rifle, people standing in line to vote and Boogaloo boys
02 November 2020

“Premature declarations of elections outcome” is the hot-potato phrase being passed around by lawyers, political operatives and journalists. It sounds way...

29 October 2020

Free Press advises voters that it is too late to vote by mail. Secretary's of State in Wisconsin, Arizona, and other officials have gone on record.