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22 December 2021
We cover a huge swath of the election protection universe in today’s GREEP #77 zoom gathering, with more than 90 people joining us.
Bernie Moreno
17 December 2021

As Ohio Republican Senate candidates Bernie Moreno and JD Vance malign, misrepresent, and demonize hard working Ohioans from immigrant backgrounds, the Ohio...

15 December 2021
We start with the great JENNIFER ROBERTS, former two-term mayor of Charlotte, NC.  Jennifer is a world-class pioneer in Election Protection, green power...
09 December 2021
Environmental coalition cited as instrumental in setting city’s climate goals in line with climate science

Sustainable Columbus unveiled the city’s...

Young woman with baby
07 December 2021

Below this introduction is the obituary for Sarah Michelle Burris, who passed from a drug overdose in October. The obituary was written by her mother who...

07 December 2021

Keynote Speaker:

The Grassroots Emergency Election Protection Coalition zoom #75 headlines...