07 December 2023

The whole thing may appear to be an exercise in futility, but there is a point why Palestinians are keen on releasing their prisoners, despite the heavy price they continue to pay for their freedom. 

 It may...

06 December 2023

The USA dominates the COP28 summit in UAE (28th year of "talking" about
climate change) . The US ($23 trillion economy/GDP - the biggest
contributor to climate change causing greenhouse gases) pledged a tokenism
of $17...

04 December 2023

PLEASE keep acting, forwarding, demonstrating, speaking out. It does make a

The president of the Islamic University of Gaza Prof. Sufian Tayeh and his
family were killed in Israeli bombing in North Gaza...

01 December 2023

The Israeli apartheid regime resumed Friday its mass killing of civilians
in Gaza after getting more weapons and a green light from the US
government. Israeli forces bombed in the first 10 hours of bombing

30 November 2023
29 November was declared by the UN as an International Day of Solidarity
with the Palestinian People. The date was picked because in 1947 on that
date the UN General assembly under pressure from the US abrogated (in a
26 November 2023

More details emerge about the level of deception about what happened on
October 7 to justify the genocide. Israeli October 7 poster child was
killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal:


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