08 January 2024

We reached 88,000 Palestinian civilian casualties (29,700 killed and 57,800
injured) in Gaza: that is 3.5% of the population of 2.3 million. That is
equivalent to killing 12.5 million US citizens. And 70% of residential

26 December 2023

80 days on the genocide in numbers (a world record in conflict) and just
five victim stories so that you see we are not mere numbers  and five
inspirung stories. In 80 days!
1,745 massacres
>28,000 martyrs and...

24 December 2023

PLEASE READ THIS (critical new reports, urgent action needed)

Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) global partnership 21
December report on: .."the entire population in the Gaza Strip (about 2.2

24 December 2023

We meet again tonight in about one hour (7 PM Palestine time Sunday) to
talk about Gaza genocide. Email if you want a link

While Palestinian church leaders wrote good position papers on Gaza (thank
you) and we...

20 December 2023

When Zionist militias, using advanced Western arms, conquered historic Palestine in 1947-48, they expressed their victory through the deliberate humiliation of Palestinians.   

 Much of that humiliation...

20 December 2023

Letter to Gaza I wrote 23 October 2023


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