We begin GREEP Zoom #181 with a terrifying report from WENDI LEDERMAN on the declining state of democracy in Ron DeSantis’s Floridastan.

The great former California Public Utilities Commission Chair LORETTA LYNCH gives us a deep dive into the brutal battle over the Diablo Canyon nukes and the additional $400 million the once-green Governor Gavin Newsom wants to hand his pals at Pacific Gas & Electric.

MYLA RESON, TATANKA BRICCA, PAUL NEWMAN, RON LEONARD, LINDA SEELEY and STEVE CARUSO jump into this truly electrifying mega-theft being perpetrated on the people of California.

We then hear from KEN STERN on the dark, dire history of the trials of LEONARD PELTIER and the reality of his last parole hearing.

As we explore the horrific 50-year injustice done to this beloved AIM activist, JAMES STARKEWOLF reminds us of the early travesties accompanying this horrible persecution.

We hear further about the possibility of having Congress appoint a new member to the Parole Board that might restore Leonard’s freedom.

MYLA RESON then fills us in on the vital upcoming election at the Pacifica Radio Network.

VINNIE DESTEFANO gives us a quick update on the case of JULIAN ASSANGE.

Finally, CAMILLA REES fills us in on the latest developments with THE PEOPLE’S GUIDE TO GRASSROOTS ELECTION ORGANIZING, a definitive document we hope will help us save American democracy.