In the star studded nightfall memoirs of me look intently
Your heart was out there blowing in the breeze of
The Spring, how have you become forlorn to picture
The Summer heated the earth frenzied and droughty?
Together with viewing shady trees on gray mountains
Open your insight and see the dejection of my mind
The rock-strewn yard covered with the tiptoeing rosemary

That stands before your eyes, with aroma returns our sanities
Must I feel the gravity, illustrious arroyo of love that you nurture
At heart for years, as I took it to mean your moments of denial
You lived at; still you urge to soar high in the blue like a seagull

In the star studded twilight memoirs of me say obviously
Sweetly sad sounds the flute Sonata played a wonderful
Way to falling in love stroked you deeply from far and away
Over the moon else lit up in me no ebb but the flow of lust
On highways of my core a red carpet reception for you solely
Ignoring all social medians and preferences we know risks
Us becoming the outcasts, still we’ll float on romanticism
Beautifully is adorned a galleria featuring vague paintings
At times, watchfully the artist stares at inquisitors like us
Mostly we pretend we know about while having no idea at all
But so unceremoniously we’re one, no need of expression even
In words free from any opaque, only your eyes can poise my life
Our reveries tinged with love and I merge with you, you merge with me