Twisted thoughts madden my soul while on my own Sporadic in its approach spun in my head bursting with Emotions, raging fire strikes at my heart in wreckage I cannot escape being felt yet I wish, to which magnitude Of earthly possessions enough to seek them for I plea The myopic vanity splits me aside from a heroic being Ascent to the top I wish to stamp on the weaker ones Antagonistic as I am as invincibility Marlowe’s Faustus Relished, abruptly a thought that crossed my cognizance How come I be probable to oversee the demise of our Life a pivotal verity? Far along will lay the cupidity low Neighboring us, and cart off from the materialism Squeezed Human beings like an Octopus to an infinite Journey for a finite sanitized time, having the faux wall Of inequity broken down will scale us as one, for well Or for shoddier like it’d reach us in point that we should Conquer self-seeking; succumb to the life across the death