09 November 2004
The election is over, the results are well-known,
the will of the people has clearly been shown.
Let's dump all our quarrels and show by our deeds,
that we'll give our leader the help that he needs.
So let's get...
04 November 2004
The votes are cast, our public spoke,
and chose once more, a bitter joke.
I'm depressed to see this fooled country
choose to end up despised and broke.

11 July 2004
In response to terror warnings in 2003, many Americans wrapped their homes with
plastic and duct tape, some so completely that their families died of asphyxiation.

First the windows. If you see light, air can get in....
29 June 2004
Bush sent his soldiers solving the world's disorder,
organized by the top dog of big business domain,
absolving crimes they've done inside our border,
then created Homeland Security to brashly arraign
22 June 2004
Back in the day before the gray
I was Mr. Right
And it was my right of way

Met a guy in church kinda like John Birch
In that subtle way
That didn't have to say

Well it was...
29 April 2004
Leaders named George are ripe to rule, and seem our nation's legacy
and our first George  was only cruel
to Brits and his Dad's cherry tree.

Our second George soon found his niche
and practiced secret...


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