My president talks to God. He said so. It was on TV.
My president took us to war in Iraq;
He said there were weapons of mass destruction there.
None have been found
He said Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons
No proof of this has emerged.
He said there were ties between Saddam Hussein
and Al Qaeda
We now know this is not true.

If I mention these things, I will be labeled a Bush-hater.
After all, my president talks to God.

Since the war began, 1281 Americans
were killed in Iraq – 9765 wounded.
Since the war began more than 14,668 Iraqi civilians died.
Many were children. Some were injured
like Ali Ismail Abbas, age 12, when
one of our missiles hit his home, killed his family
and blew off both his arms above his elbows.

I cannot ask: what did the boy do to deserve that?
If I did, I would be called a Bush-hater

I do not hate my president
I pray for my president every day.
I pray that my president will stop talking to God
and start listening to Him.