I wish for you all as the New Year encroaches,
Bold and creative strategic approaches
To defeating the lies by election officials,
Whose major concern is filling their satchels
With bundles of goodies like payoffs and bribes,
And friendships with vendors who do not subscribe
To audits or paper or trivial matters
Like accurate results and similar blather,

But push for solutions to fill up their coffers
Like touchscreens and printers and other such offers
Of machines that lose votes and breakdown and fail;
Who sell us elections without paper trails.
And no one would listen for years upon years
To the small group of people expressing real fears
Of votes lost and stolen, of breakdowns and freezes,
of vulnerable systems with holes like Swiss cheeses.
But then in a twinkle in 2005
When scarcely a soul thought freedom alive,
Santa came through -- A surprise in his sack!
He brought in a Finn to conduct a bold hack.
He brought in his elves in the form of investors
To sue for their rights ‘gainst crooked divestors. 
He brought a suprise, an election top honcho
with courage to spare -- the brave Ion Sancho,

Who challenged the crooks with the help of Bev Harris
And did worse to Diebold than simply embarrass 
A group so dishonest they even hired felons
Who could program and alter our votes by the millions.
California came through and NC and New York,
small pockets of wins to end HAVA pork.
VerifiedVoting and VotersUnite, 
With others like-minded continue the fight.
The times they’re a’changin,' real change is in sight;
The darkness is lifting to let in some light
on problems that threaten the country we love.
At this holiday season, may angels above
Shine down on your efforts 
And give you good cheer
In what looks to be 
A most Happy New Year!!