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03 January 2007
Within the Walls of Freedom,
The sun shines so bright,
The colors are so many,
It all seems so right,

So many Arena Heroes,...
03 January 2007
I had a nightmare,
That the people of this Nation,
For the first time ever,
Will be in real despair,

That one day we will be...
03 January 2007
I want the yellow ribbons back,
But this time around,
It should be upside down,
Supporting me back home, please, right now!

03 January 2007
(13 Poems to self assess your Beliefs, Values, Reason and Intellectual Integrity)

Illegal Human being

We in the land of the...
03 January 2007
Form plus function,
Equals matter,
If the function of the form is not known,
It’s a case of anti-matter,

Ignorance of the...