(13 Poems to self assess your Beliefs, Values, Reason and Intellectual Integrity)

Illegal Human being

We in the land of the free,
In God we export democracy,
You, illegal human being,
No rights to feed your off spring,

We in the Eurotopia community,
Intellectuals think about humanity,
You, illegal human being,
No rights to feed your off spring,

We in the First World have intellectual integrity,
Human, Animal, Insect and Vegetable rights are priority,
You, illegal human being,
No rights to feed your off spring,

You, illegal human being, we have to teach you,
Everything about Freedom, Democracy and Human rights,
Et sur La liberte', l'e'galite' et la fraternite',
Until we colonize your country, go back,

Because you still don't understand about human rights.

Within the Walls of Freedom

Within the Walls of Freedom,
The sun shines so bright,
The colors are so many,
It all seems so right,

So many Arena Heroes,
So many Stars and Gold Icons,
Synthetic worship awards to all,
And to the most overplayed songs,

Good evening from the World News' big three,
Crafted news with intrinsic values it's all you see,
There is no evidence that blood will ever smell,
And last, a cat on a tree almost fell,

Belittle and ignore, but monitor any noise,
Of all and any alternative voice, Financially honor the educated mercenaries with a degree,
That for a buck or two, muffle you and me,

Social engineers of the veggie brain,
Forcing our thoughts to pace in pain,
In the greatest ever freedom of speech,
We speak our minds about chicken processed peach,

And one last award to the newest breed of the human race,
The thesaurus intellectuals of this social disgrace,
Where the idea serves as the vehicle for ancient words to expose,
A pretentious sign of intelligence in self divine verse and prose,

United we stand, And together, with our children, we sing along with the trend,
The newest anthem we were learned to know, Come on, in one voice, altogether let's go;

Non-smoking Morris agrees with Exxon clean air,
Responsibly Bud just like Walton and Gates care,
Kaiser impertinently priceless charged to a Slave Card,
Let's get it governor overseas, as here what is left is only lard,

It took humanity its entire existence to raise these Walls,
I appeal to the Gods of Decency to stand up and keep it tall,
And to all of the Knights of Reason in each and every one of us, this is a call, To responsibly be a part of this human experience....
....against this ignorance that affect us all,

Within the Walls of Freedom,
The sun shines so genuinely bright,
The natural colors are so many,
For our children, let's keep it right.

Blue Tooth Reliability

Blue tooth Politicians,
Remotely listening to me,
Static Corporation interference,
Changing my vote to cash, yea, over me.

Blue tooth Pope in the Heavens,
Listening to DaVinci in vinyl wheel,
Should Israel finance Allah’s magic carpet?
So Jesus can take the wheel?

Blue tooth Intellectuals,
Since the 16th Century the connection is broken,
Stop playing with Rene Descartes’ Wax Play-Doh,
It’s time to reason with The Mind Process of Plato.

Blue tooth Invisible Friend,
Informant or agitator it all depends,
I get in and hear the flow for some cash flow,
Dignity, hum...  how much can I ask for my mother in depends.

Blue tooth Celebrities,
Since the age 5 from reality disconnected,
Mommy, look what I can do, look at me, me, me, me,
I can dance, I can jump, I can sing, I cannot rhyme…

Political Oblivious Mind

Clear blue skies, Nothing in my mind, Hope tomorrow also, Remember last night,

In some strange ways, Last night had also, A beautiful surreal feeling, Of tonight’s clear blue skies.

The Believer

Excuse me you're on mah way,
I bring you democracy today,
Open your doors right away,
Didn't you hear my President say,

I represent DE-MO-CRA-CY,
How come you can only pronounce HY-PO-CRI-SY,
I believe and I am very proud of my Union,
Speak English, we don't pronounce Utopia-Union,

Why your one-sided mind can't see,
In our God we trust right things be,
What's wrong with you, common sense is common sense,
Please, move your children away as I was ordered to make sense,

Don't, don't blow yourself up in pieces,
This is not a crusade and our people don't want your Dark Olive Oils,
This is not about Diamonds, Clubs nor Mc-Halibut-Cheiny-R-us Royals,
It's just our Spades mission from our Hearts land to free you into peaces...


Captain Bush navigating in unknown waters, Pushing the limits of the democratic engine,
In the pursue of the great black treasure,
Neglecting any jurisprudence measure,

Champagne for the first class,
Polluted waters in the mass,
Gates of ignorance separate,
Upper and lower deckhands,

Off-setting the pressure valves,
Of generals discontentment,
Below deck they are sent,
Damage controlled as they are bent,

Uncertain directions in nuclear storms,
Off-balance as the wind forms,
Only one last loaded cannon left,
Not regarding the Asian pirate next,

General mutiny is under control, Throw a Chihuahua on a Leprecon roll,
Push a couple of CEO's off the plank,
And make the angered mass blank,

One-eyed Captain will jump overboard, Just before the big iceberg is spotted in the skies,
And from the top of his Paradise Island say good-bye,
rrhh, rrhh, rrhh...  …all idiots, Republicans and Democrats, bye-bye.

Letter of Acceptance

The war is the result not the by-product, This business plan is nothing new from the past, You didn't even have to brainwash your people to a duck, That was the job of somebody else that was made to last,

You cannot even lie as you stutter on a dime, To history you will go, but not as the master mind, You did a bad work hiding as we see the strings in action, And above all, you can only smile in one direction,

However, Investors are happy and Orphans are not, Credit is to count and Debt is in body count, How much is in it for you in this mess, Hopefully it paid off attending Sunday mass,

You are smart to make the Bible as your shield, This lesson in history was learned in the field, Always evoke God whenever you feel threaten in the job, Should it fail, Patriotism can also be used when matters are hot,

Good luck on your business venture, as  the laws of supply and demand were bound, Always make sure your people have an enemy in mind, Somewhere in the mountains where he cannot be found, Otherwise find a new replacement to keep your people 2020  blind,

Despites some flaws it's an overall good job and you were approved, See you when you come home after your last Fall, It's always warm here and you don't need to cover your ears, You reserved a special place with me for the rest of  your eternal  years.

Your friend Devil

To be or not Pro-Bush be

Echoes of reason,
Whispering in my head,
Stalking my truth,
And the certainty I have,

All I have is my truth,
My foundation of beliefs,
Of the unchangeable essence,
That makes me exist,

Faceless unchangeable essence,
Floating point in the outer space,
Universe of uncertainties,
My soul is hanging by its faith,

Faith on the right direction,
Through reflections of reality,
A haze of constant relativities,
Of unknown purpose of its continuity,

Echoes of reason,
Whispering in my head,
Stalking my reality,
Of inconsistent relativity,

To be or not let it be,
Echoes of reason,
Please set my mind free,
Off this prison of my identity.

Common sense is common sense

What is common sense, but an empty equation, Or maybe a formula to good social behavior, I put my values and you put yours, And we both expect disagree no more,

The results may very just a bit, As the emphasis may shift, Emotions and feelings, May also spice a few innings,

Purpose and intentions go in disguise, And conflict of interest in the rise, Integrity is just a word we try, We have pride in our own truth and we don't deny,

The magic of assumption from faith and belief, Give us a leap on certainty and confidence along with grief, Rational we self add before or after the Animal, As we think very logic for a mammal.

A Nation built on Pride

Eternal question,
Quest for comprehension,

Right or wrong,
Purpose interpretations,
Through life's inconsistencies,
The coherence of intentions,

Just before you, it lies,
It may change,
Each time you open your eyes,

There will be many colors,
And the sun may not always shine,
As long as your reasons don't fail your dreams,
Your journey will be fine,

Beauty to the eyes,
Will many times wave hi,
But it will eventually leave you,
Without waving you goodbye,

Beauty to the heart,
Will turn darkness into blue skies,
But the greatest and ageless beauty of all,
Cannot be seen by your heart nor your eyes,

A beautiful character,
Lasts beyond life's tide,
Life's purpose in one's right and wrong's truth,
Defines one's existence worth it of pride.

The inhuman condition

Don't be fooled my son,
For the popular trend be,
Suppressed or excessive desires, Collective blindness in it be,

Don't be a victim of ignorance my son,
For semantics are not for feelings, but emotions,
For analogies are not for the truth, but reasons,
For right or wrong are for nothing, but opinions,

Don't be a victim of emotion my son,
By the countries spokesmen's cry,
For no real Leader will ask you to kill,
For no real God will ask you to die.

Just don't be one more victim my son....

Yellow Ribbons

I need the yellow ribbons back,
But this time around,
It should be upside down,
Supporting me back home, please, right now!

It's very easy for you,
A sticker to pull off your car,
To trash your shame,
And hide that you were fooled by far,

But I am here,
Under the bullets rain,
Your moral support brought me here,
And you don't have to deal with this pain,

Like you, I believed in it, too,
A noble cause for me and you,
Please don't hide your shame,
Help me to come home, cause we now know who's to blame...

I had a nightmare

I had a nightmare,
That the people of this Nation,
For the first time ever,
Will be in real despair,

That one day we will be judged,
By the color of our words in flair,
And not the contentment,
Of our characters, yes, I had a nightmare,

That this Nation,
Will rise a new Emperor,
Off its common sense,
From a ghost of terror,

In blood it will be spelled,
Over the Legislative walls,
Strokes of Judiciary Bush,
Demon-cracy for all's.