Within the Walls of Freedom,
The sun shines so bright,
The colors are so many,
It all seems so right,

So many Arena Heroes,
So many Stars and Gold Icons,
Synthetic worship awards to all,
And to the most overplayed songs,

Good evening from the World News' big three,
Crafted news with intrinsic values it's all you see,
There is no evidence that blood will ever smell,
And last, a cat on a tree almost fell,

Belittle and ignore, but monitor any noise,
Of all and any alternative voice,
Financially honor the educated mercenaries with a degree,
That for a buck or two,  muffle you and me,

Social engineers of the veggie brain,
Forcing our thoughts to pace in pain,
In the greatest ever freedom of speech,
We speak our minds about chicken processed peach,

And one last award to the newest breed of the human race,
The thesaurus intellectuals of this social disgrace,
Where the idea serves as the vehicle for ancient words to expose,
A pretentious sign of intelligence in self divine verse and prose,   

United we stand,
And together,  with our children, we sing along with the trend,
The newest anthem we were learned to know,
Come on, in one voice, altogether let's go;

Non-smoking Morris agrees with Exxon clean air,
Responsibly Bud just like Walton and Gates care,
Kaiser impertinently priceless charged to a Slave Card,
Let's get it governor overseas, as here what is left is only lard,  

It took humanity its entire existence to raise these Walls,
I appeal to the Gods of Decency to stand up and keep it tall,
And to all of the Knights of Reason in each and every one of us, this is a call,
To responsibly be a part of this human experience....
....against this ignorance that affect us all,  

Within the Walls of Freedom,
The sun shines so genuinely bright,
The natural colors are so many,
For our children, let's keep it right.

Julian Bravo, April 2006.