If there be God, He must be miffed
to witness mute, while man wild dare
pollute their most essential gift
of seas creating clement air.
Will oceans, once with algae green,
replenish air from seas unclean?
Would God be proud, that man has learned
to squeeze the oil from ancient clay
and fashion goods to earth returned
as plastic trash that can't decay?
Will trees, our smoke makes weak and bare,
no longer grow in poisoned air?
If our Creator, we must please,
inventive man should soon take stock
of chemicals that foul our seas,
transforming Earth to lifeless rock.
Will Seals applaud the end of man
who made their seas his garbage can?
We've changed this world to comfort zone
without regard for any guest
and think the world is ours alone,
all life must serve at our behest.
Will some form of life still linger on,
or something care when man is gone?