Because he tried to kill Dubya's daddy
now we're planning on bombing Saddy.
Why should he sit on all that oil?
We'll suck it out from the desert soil.
Have no fear of collateral damage
when our military goes on a rampage.
Our bombs and missiles are so smart
it's really like a work of art.
So what if war kills people?
Ring the church bells in the steeple.
Third World people just don't matter.
When we strike they all will scatter.
Oh -  let's watch it on TV.
Look how that one tried to flee.
But we nailed him fair and square,
precision bombs down from the air.
We're bombing Baghdad from above.
Think of it simply as tough love.
We really don't mean any harm.
We're so sincere we ooze with smarm
and always provide the justification
for our enemies' incineration.
He has weapons of mass destruction.
It's a simple matter of deduction.
Don't let on they came from us.
The American people might make a fuss.
To realize he was our man?
when he gassed the Kurds we were his fan.
Who cares if we provided the gas?
He kicked the Ayatollah's ass.
A million young men died you see
who loved life just like you and me.
Americans are the only ones who matter.
So what if we're getting fatter?
The CIA watched from above
and Colin Powell was no dove.
Donald Rumsfeld was filled with glee
to watch this Middle Eastern killing spree.
But now he has some new munitions
he's drooling to try in battle conditions.
We'll drive a nuke into the ground
and admire the mushroom cloud so round.
Depleted uranium trashes tanks.
The leukemia victims will give their thanks.
The Iraqi people got to die.
We'll unleash death down from the sky.
Then we'll turn on CNN
and enjoy it all over again.
We'll interview only those who approve,
who'll make us misty-eyed and moved
at all the sacrifice we've done
to leave those bleached bones in the sun.
The sand will dry the victims' blood
and corporate profits soon will flood.
Support our president. Kill for peace.
Fly the American flag without cease.
Go to bed without a care.
For running the world we have a flair.
Give three cheers for freedom and democracy.
At least we don't suffer from hypocrisy.
We're making the world a better place
cause America won the arms race.
We share our weapons generously
so our allies can keep the Free World free-
like Batista, Trujilllo, and Pinochet.
They stood up for freedom and it's not a cliché.
We need someone strong to protect our investments
and help the World Bank make its assessments
of how much wealth we can suck out
like a pig eating garbage with his snout.
Thanks for listening. I know it's a pain
to throw expensive bombs down a Third World drain.
But someone's got to do it so we'll stay free?
to keep humanity in slavery.
We're the best damn country, you stupid fool.
Our global strategy is the Golden Rule.
We're the Good Guys, you better believe.
The American people we'll never deceive.
Leave it to us. We know what we're doing.
So what if we leave the Earth in a ruin?
No one can deny we're Number One.
Conquering the world is kind of fun.
We don't care if it's getting hot
as long as we can take a shot
or launch a missile.
They really make a pleasant whistle.
War is good and peace is bad.
Don't waste your time feeling sad.
Leave it to the Army ? they know their trade.
The Marines are carefully trained to wade
upon the beaches, across the sand,
to kill Iraqis with a steady hand.
We are human, but they are not.
Let their dead bodies rot.
We'll cover them over with a parking lot
and build a mall that's really hot.
No one will remember
how we wounded and dismembered.
Change the channel and it's all a dream.
Watch an ad for beauty cream.
Entertainment is where it's at.
Eat some fast food and get fat.
Deodorize so you won't smell the rat.
This rap is over and that is that.

©2003 Jeffrey Briggs,