Shocked and awed, I was today, as I read the news of Americas way.
I wasn't reading the traditional sources, this info was from new discourses.
I read about the U.S.A., thier actions are different than what they say.
With forked tongues they speak, about the sanctity of life.
Careful my friend, behind thier back is a knife.
The richest of the world are controlling thier hand.
Life isn't important, what we want is your land.
But only if oil, or diamonds, or riches, are found
underneath, they'll come dig thier ditches.
They'll come with thier bombs, thier guns, and thier planes.
They'll blow up, they'll shoot down, they'll kill, and they'll maim.
They'll say its for justice, for honor, for right.
God gave them this mission, God gave them thier might.
Thier news outlets glitter with glee, at this show.
They use catchy phrases and righteous slogans, you know.
They weave all thier lies, they distort the truth.
They don't show the horror, the slaughter of youth.
How many civilians did we kill today?  
Ah who cares, they should'nt have been in the way.
They killed one boys parents, they blew off his arms.
We'll make him our show, we'll show compassion and charm.
We'll show our benevolence, our kindness they say.
Whoops! we sure are sorry we blew your family away.
Don't speak out against them, not a word of contention.
You may find your life in a state of permanent suspension.
This democracy thier importing, says do what we say.
If you speak out against us, an accident might fall your way.
The news channels said it was friendly fire,
with friends like these, don't invoke thier ire.
A slip of a finger, oh I hit the wrong switch,
your body is lying with other corpses in a ditch.
An the American people, thier so busy these days.
Dumbed down by thier government, thier churches, and airwaves.
Oh! don't hurt an animal in thier nieghborhood,
They'll sick P.E.T.A. on you, that will teach you good.
But the slaughter of Afganis, Iraqis, oh well,
Thier not even Christians, thier going to hell.
Why should we cry, why should we shed a tear.
I want that man in jail, he killed a deer.
These mideastern people, well they are really not people.
They don't have a church, they don't have a steeple.
They're not really like us, so killing them is o.k..
Accidents  happen, I heard Rumsfeld say.
So day after day, shit keeps on happin'n,
people are murdered and houses are flattin'nd.
They're terrorists, they're terrorists, the news channels cry.
They're the worst kind of people, they deserve to die.
And the presidents ratings, they flew off the charts.
He's doing great, say two blokes shooting darts.
We stand behind him 100 percent.
He's Gods man for the job, he's a Christian President.
He's promised you a tax cut, you'll need a microscope to see.
While he's doling out billions in contractor fees.
To his buddies in high places, while you'll get the bill,
for all of the bombs and the planes, and the blood that was spilled.
I am sick with grief, at the evil I see.
They're snuffing out lives, like swatting at fleas.
Not one ounce of compassion, not one tug of the heart.
When I read the Bible, I didn't see that part.
That its o.k. to kill, when great wealth is at stake.
When you are the strongest, you just come and you take.
Might makes right, it must be in here somewhere.
Question a christian President, oh we would'nt dare.
So he leads us along, like sheep to the slaughter.
I hope, and I pray, it's not your sons and daughters,
who are ordered to go and murder ther poor,
who stand in the path, that leads to the door, OF THIER OIL;