05 March 2003
I just want to crawl away
into some dark place
Where no war can touch me
No person can harm me
Somewhere so I can't
see the face
of those who blame
and judge
And stare at me with...
13 November 2002
I scream FREE AMERICA, barely legible on the wall —
and I get one word, one rat, one care,
and an angry and ignorant old-world glare,
a smile here, bewilderment there —
And it seems there is nothingness everywhere....
13 November 2002
storm drains running full
commuter buses no where to go
when the squad cars
roll into the square
dozens on 28 just ain’t fair
shivering on the station floor
i’m gonna be late for my date
the rain...
10 November 2002
On a sleepless drive, stopped at a light-
I saw a man kicking a rock in despair,-
As he awaited his chariot of situation, battled with
A sign read: Bus 319 troubles to bare-

A women with...
20 July 2002
I am Jewish because all of my fathers and mothers before me were Jewish.

I am Jewish because I grew up on the south side of Chicago where even my public school was Jewish.

I am Jewish because my grandfather was oh...
03 June 2001
Silent Night

Nuclear Annihilation

Atomic Radiation

Eroding Nation

Sighing in relief

As it welcomes Armageddon

Holy Night

No-Fly Zone

Somalian Bones

Palestinians Stoned



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