13 November 2002
I scream FREE AMERICA, barely legible on the wall —
and I get one word, one rat, one care,
and an angry and ignorant old-world glare,
a smile here, bewilderment there —
And it seems there is nothingness everywhere....
10 November 2002
On a sleepless drive, stopped at a light-
I saw a man kicking a rock in despair,-
As he awaited his chariot of situation, battled with
A sign read: Bus 319 troubles to bare-

A women with...
20 July 2002
I am Jewish because all of my fathers and mothers before me were Jewish.

I am Jewish because I grew up on the south side of Chicago where even my public school was Jewish.

I am Jewish because my grandfather was oh...
03 June 2001
Silent Night

Nuclear Annihilation

Atomic Radiation

Eroding Nation

Sighing in relief

As it welcomes Armageddon

Holy Night

No-Fly Zone

Somalian Bones

Palestinians Stoned

24 January 2001
Watts your name?

Oooh Oooh -

Is it Eugene or just Gene

Watts your name?

Oooh Oooh -

Why’s your legislation so obscene?

I have always been aghast

At legislators like you

Who wrap up in...


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