Silent Night

Nuclear Annihilation

Atomic Radiation

Eroding Nation

Sighing in relief

As it welcomes Armageddon

Holy Night

No-Fly Zone

Somalian Bones

Palestinians Stoned

Indians Alone

And hear the cries of the Natives

As they perish in the hive of the WASP

All is Calm

L.A. Riot

Jury Quiet

Media Diet

Suicidal Pilot

That ignites the blazing inferno

destroying everything in its path

All is Bright

Unfathomed Illiteracy

Racial Bigamy

Sexual Indiscriminancy

Government Secrecy

Obscuring the views of its toy soldiers

As they ride off into the darkness of the dawn

Round yon Virgin Mother and Child

Duke of Sales

Mendacious Tales

Polluted Wells

Permeating Smells

Choke the smiles of innocent consumers

Who unsuspectedly greet the silent killers

Holy Infant so Tender and Mild

Menacing AIDS

Asexual Plays

Incestual Gaze

Abortive Phase

Choosing the rights of another

with the forked blade of justice

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Capital Commercialism

Papal Conservatism

Pseudo Heroism

Secular Humanism

Is the road not taken

by the mainstream of this mediocracy

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Clean Slate

Too Late

Dismal Fate

666 Hate

The numbers of salvation

And the last uttered of the silent night.

--Karim A. Ali