Julie Whitney Scott is an Ohio poet, author, playwright, director, producer and founder of Mine 4 God Productions LLC and the Columbus Black Theatre Festival held every 2nd weekend in July in Columbus, Ohio.  She is also the host of Julie Whitney Scott Presents on WGRN - LPFM 94.1.

Articles by Author

Photo of all the people in the Triple CB
09 December 2015

This past November 7, 2015 a historic moment took place in Columbus. Fifteen African American Columbus residents were sworn in as the first Board...

Photos of black actresses
27 October 2015

There are those who believe that African American women have “come a long way baby” in regards to the world of movies and television. It appears...

Front cover of the book
29 September 2015

A diary is a book in which one keeps a daily record of events and experiences. Generally if read by someone other than the writer they would come...

Two men
01 September 2015

The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction is proud to announce in their 2014 Annual Report that their already record-low recidivism...

Sandra Bland photo
06 August 2015

Americans are once again faced with the real “reality show” of life in regards to what happens when you are a person of color, male or female, and...

Collage of photos of pastors plane, car, big house, request for money
04 June 2015

Recently a major mega preacher, Creflo Dollar, asked his congregation, and then Facebook fans to donate $65 million dollars towards his major...