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Black background with gray letters saying 2017
31 December 2017

Thank Mother Earth 2017 is finally over. It was a year that chewed me up, crapped me out, made sweet love to me, punched me in the gut, stole my lunch money...

Young looking man with brown hair receding hairline against trees in background
09 May 2017

I could begin by stating that the world, despite small and justified protests, is celebrating Emmanuel Macron’s recent victory in the French presidential...

Donald Trump in suit with swirly gold around his head
28 April 2017

Thousands, possibly millions, of Americans have been calling for President Trump’s impeachment. They want to save the world by making him lose his job....

Chelsea Clinton wearing red at a microphone
25 February 2017

The only section of the New York Times I consistently enjoy is “By the Book.” It is a quick read that offers a glimpse into the reading habits of...

Nurse with fist raised in a red circle that says Health Care is a Human Right
21 February 2017

Healthcare should be about keeping people alive and healthy. Period. It should have nothing to do with business school graduates getting rich or...

Trevor Hills talking into a mic on one side and Nancy Pelosi looking down on the other side
10 February 2017

First of all, this article is not an attack on the young progressives who have made it their mission to take over the Democratic Party and move it to the...