While Greens participate in demonstrations against Kerry during the Democratic Convention in Boston, party members are organizing the August 28 event; Green presidential candidate David Cobb will be featured.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party members are organizing a major event to coincide with the Republican National Convention and anti-Bush protests in New York City.

Titled 'A Green World Is Possible: A Festival of Non-Violence, Ecology, Democracy, Social and Economic Justice,' the rally will take place in Washington Square on Saturday, August 28.

"We believe that holding our event separate from the myriad of other anti-Republican activities will enable us to keep our message positive and ensure the safety of our membership," said Charles Shaw, co-chair of the Peace Action Committee of the Green Party of the United States. "We're committed to providing a safe environment in which our members and allies can exercise their right to speak out on important issues."

The program will feature live music and speakers, including Green presidential candidate David Cobb and running mate Pat LaMarche; New Paltz, New York Mayor Jason West; Global Exchange founder Media Benjamin; Bill Douglass from the 9/11 Visibility Project-9/11 Truth Movement; Peace and Non-Violent Conflict Resolution Educator Gola Wolf Richards from Maine; and many others.

The Green Party Office Committee in Manhattan, the Green Focus Activism Education Center, and the party's Peace Action Committee are organizing the event, which is expected to draw Green Party members and supporters from across the country.

"It's not enough for us just to protest the pro-war pro-corporate agenda of the Republican and Democratic Parties," said Robyn Sklar, co-chair of the Green Party Office Committee. "We want to show America what a party that's dedicated to the power of We The People, a healthy planet, and nonviolence looks like. Demonstrations are necessary, but it's also essential that we establish a permanent party that opposes the Bush agenda -- especially since the Democrats have surrendered any legitimate claim to be an opposition party."

Greens note that Sen. John Kerry and other Democrats voted in favor of the USA Patriot Act, the surrender of Congress's constitutional war powers to the White House, and other Bush legislation, and now support continued U.S. military occupation of Iraq. Thousands of Greens are participating in the protests outside the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts, where the Democratic National Convention is taking place this week.

David Cobb is making campaign appearances in Boston July 25-27 at forums, rallies and protests during the Democratic Convention, and spoke at a Monday evening rally at Government Center. Cobb's running mate, Pat LaMarche, is in Boston July 26-28 and will speak at a rally to protest the placement of a Bio-Terror Lab in the heart of Boston on Wednesday, July 28. (More information about the rally: Gil Obler of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts, 617-338-3693, .)