The federal government, upon enactment of this Act, will work with all 50 states to ensure safe, fair, and transparent elections; and appropriate all federal funds necessary to the states for an expedited and effective implementation of a safe and easy voting process herein:    

Section 1: On Friday, October 1, every registered voter in America will be mailed a paper ballot, as coordinated by the individual state and local election boards.  

Section 2: Monday, October 12, every state will open geographically diverse certified voting centers throughout the state in order to ensure a safe, easy, and transparent election process. 

Section 3: The addresses of the voting centers will be widely published on the internet and in local newspapers, magazines, and other print, television, radio and social media.

Section 4: The voting centers will be large, and located in safe, well-known, well-lit, easily accessible locations, with ample parking and certified handicapped access.

Section 5: The voting centers will be staffed from 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, and from 12pm to seven pm Saturday and Sunday throughout the entire period from October 11th to November 3rd.

Section 6: In accounting for the Coronavirus and other health considerations, the voting center’s interior spaces will be partitioned, so at no time will there be reason for more than ten people to be in physical proximity while casting their votes.

Section 7: Voters may mail their paper ballots to all certified voting centers in their respective precincts, and with a stamped return envelope provided in the mailer with the enclosed ballot.

Section 8: Voters may walk their paper ballots in to all certified voting centers.

Section 9: Unregistered eligible citizens may register to vote at all voting centers, and obtain a paper ballot immediately after registering to vote at all voting centers.

Section 10: Registered voters who have not received a ballot in the mail, may come to any certified voting center, to inquire as to why they have not received a paper ballot; and be issued a computer-generated ballot if they are entitled to obtain one. The states will provide provisional ballots, only after all measures have been taken to the maximum extent possible to provide a computer-generated ballot.   

Section 11: Specialized voting machines will be available at all centers to accommodate voters with special needs; which include but not are limited to those who are physically challenged with blindness, or the inability to use their hands or arms.

Section 12: All voting centers will be equipped with digital imaging machines that will print ballots on demand in any certified language for those who need them.

Section 13: Digital imaging machines will be used to accept hand-marked paper ballots and create a digital image of each ballot.

Section 14: The hand marked paper ballots will be preserved in translucent bins for recounting purposes, a process associated with “The Brakey Method.”

Section 15: Immediately upon the 7pm closure of centers in every time zone, all paper ballots will be scanned, tallied and checked.

Section 16: Ballot totals will not be made public until 7 pm Hawaii Time (midnight Eastern Time) when the last polls close there; voters in Guam and other later time zones will be encouraged to vote earlier.

Section 17: Elections decided by less than 1% according to the digital tallies will be subjected to a full recount of the preserved paper ballots.

Section 18: The federal government will work with Governors, to ensure that all federal funds necessary for the full implementation of this Act, will be allocated to all fifty states and Territories in a timely and organized process. All states not in compliance with this Act, will be subject to federal inspections, to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act herein.

Section 19: To pay for the costs associated with an expedited and full implementation of the Act herein, a modest tax of 0.5% on stock trades, and 0.01% tax per year to maturity on transactions in bonds, swaps, and trades will be imposed on all stock and bond transactions.