Dear Patricia,

We were shocked to learn that your organization today wants to honor the Chemical and Pharmaceutical company Bayer at the "Rachel Carson Reception" in Pittsburgh. Rachel will turn in her grave.

Bayer is the worldmarket leader for pesticides which account for pollution of the soil, the groundwater and the environment all over the world. Bayer sells a whole range of highly toxic organophosphates classified as „extremely hazardous“. Pesticides like Endosulfan, Parathion or Methamidophos are responsible for a large part of poisonings, of which the World Health Organisation annually counts more than 2 million. And Bayer produces large quantities of dangerous chemicals, for example Bisphenol A, an endocrine disruptor used in baby bottles, food cans, dental sealants, etc.

Bayer has a long tradition in trying to "greenwash" their image. The company started dozens of partnerships and sponsorships with medical, environmental or educational organizations and even the United Nations. In particular Bayer chooses cooperations in fields where the company is criticized - like the production of pesticides.

As stated on your hompage the mission of Rachel Carson Homestead is to „implement education programs and resources in keeping with her environmental ethic to minimize the effect of man-made chemicals on the natural systems of the world.” Honouring a polluter like Bayer for their “environmental initiatives” contradicts to everything Rachel Carson stood for.

Bayer uses such partnerships to deflect criticism by watchdog groups or the media. The memory of Rachel Carson is used by Bayer to present a corporate humanitarian image without a commitment to changing real-world behavior. This corporation has fought against most agreements on environmental issues, be it the Kyoto Protocol for the protection of the climate, the new European laws on chemicals, the phasing out of CFCs or efforts to reduce the use of pesticides.

We strongly urge you:

Don't honour Bayer during the "Rachel Carson Reception" tonight;

Stop accepting money from Bayer.

Please read a detailed analysis of Bayer´s greenwashing at:

Please find an Open Letter on Bayer´s pesticides which was signed by 200 organizations from 40 countries:

In yesterday´s press release Bayer stated that the company cut direct greenhouse gas emissions worldwide by more than 70 percent. Please see an analysis of Bayer´s emissions at:

Awaiting your answer,

Philipp Mimkes
Coalition against BAYER Dangers (Germany)