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From the film Love Hate & Propaganda: The War On Terror
The Free Press Fourth Tuesdays Screenings return to the Drexel Tuesday with an Early Bird Screening of the Columbus International Film & Video Festival Early Bird Screening of: Love Hate & Propaganda: The War On Terror 90 minutes Tuesday, October 22 @ 7.30pm Admission is free, donations encouraged. Propaganda is a powerful force which has helped shape events of the 20th century. This documentary examines how propaganda influenced significant moments in history, and the lives of the people who lived through them. Hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos, Love Hate & Propaganda is a primer on the art of mass persuasion aimed directly at a media-savvy generation. Nine days after the 9-11 attacks on the US, President George W. Bush declared War on Terror. This film examines the role propaganda played leading up to Bush’s declaration and the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. “The Festival is so thrilled to be back at the Drexel on Free Press Fourth Tuesdays”, said Columbus Film Council’s Executive Director Susan Halpern, “Partnering with both the Drexel and the Free Press is a great arrangement, especially to present films like Love Hate & Propaganda, which is about American journalism and politics. We thought that this film is perfect for the re launch of the Free Press Fourth Tuesday Series. The film follows the people whose lives were deeply affected by years of conflict. Ken Jarecke: At the end of the first Gulf War, Jarecke is the first to arrive on the so-called Highway of Death. He captures one of the most famous and controversial photos of that conflict, the "Face of War" the image of a completely scorched corpse inside a vehicle. Ibrahim Al Marashi, an American student: Al Marashi also finds himself unwittingly at the center of a major controversy. An article he wrote was published in a university magazine and was quoted almost word-for-word as an intelligence report by the American government to justify military action against Saddam Hussein in 2003. Secretary of State Colin Powell used his words (without permission) to address the United Nations' General Assembly. Amar Sahib, an Iraqi student: Because his family opposed Saddam Hussein's dictatorship, Amar is torn after the September 11th attacks. Deep down he is convinced that the attacks were wrong, but he fears reprisals if he speaks out publicly. For more information go to: