The Committee of Citizens Against Issue 50 & 51 will start open discussion and state points of correction for the education of children in the the Columbus City Schools district. The committee will work with all citizens to do the right things for all the children in the system moving forward. The committee requests the State Auditor's Office release information regarding the data rigging investigation report to the citizens/parents of the Columbus City Schools district. The committee requests the prosecutor's office file any criminal charges as well as execute proper criminal procedure to address concerns centered in this scandal. The committee asks that the Mayor's current school commission be dissembled or re-organized to include parents and individuals living within the Columbus City Schools district. The committee requests the internal auditor be returned to that position and given all the cooperation to conclude investigation and resolve concerns causing harm. Citizens request a curriculum and program audit to detail all concerns in each building, department and administrative office be compiled for each location in the district. Citizens encourage and ask that the Columbus City School System collaborate with the community to develop a comprehensive education plan that will truly benefit all children in Columbus City Schools.

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