Eriyah’s favorite, except I forgot to ask for the pesto sauce on this one. Photo by Eriyah Flynn
Harvest Pizzeria has the best vegan pizza crust in town. I love this place for so many reasons. Their motto is LOCAL TASTES BETTER, and I agree, especially when it is organic, and I look forward to the day it all becomes veganic. Their website features some of the local farms from where they source their ingredients. When I spoke with the staff, they informed me that they are also highly conscious about recycling everything possible, even their “to-go” containers are made of recycled products. No Styrofoam (I can’t stand Styrofoam!). When I go, it is typically for lunch because of the lunch special pricing. The outdoor seating is enjoyable in the seasons you want to be outside (clearly not right now). I typically order the vegetable pizza, hold the cheeses and onion and tomato sauce, and substitute them for, vegan pesto, artichokes, basil, Marcona style almonds and when they have it, balsamic reduction. OH. MY. GAWD. I’m drooling thinking about one right now. They also offer a gluten-free pizza and sell some other locally produced products such as pasta. If you have a penchant for unique libations, Curio is right next door. Harvest Pizzeria is open Mon for dinner only, Tue-Sat lunch and dinner, Closed Sun. 495 S. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43206 Eriyah’s Favorite: Veggie pizza as described above

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