We'll convene the 2d Annual Solartopia Congress at the Left Coast Forum at Occidental College October 11-13.  KPFK is again the media sponsor.  

Check out the whole fantastic program at https://leftcoastforum.org .  

We again welcome all activists working on any environmental issue in LA, CA or worldwide.  It'll again be a double session with time to network, compare strategies, etc.  Last year's session was terrific (you all are welcome back) & this will be even better.  Write me at solartopia@gmail.com to get on the docket.  Send a photo.

We'll also host Sluggo Wasserman Explains all of US History  in 54 Minutes ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UplLEyod_uw ) with much to add about the Trumpocalypse and 2020.  This year my newly published PEOPLE'S SPIRAL OF US HISTORY: FROM DEGANAWIDAH TO SOLARTOPIA will be available in a special geezer-friendly big-type collectors' edition!

Right now you might want to link to Paul Kangas explaining his plans to solarize Paradise---the burned-down town in northern California where 4-plex homes with 100 solar panels will soon arise.  David Hughes also talks about the Ohio nuke bailout at


You can also hear a very disturbing in-depth interview about Jeffrey Epstein taped 48 hours before his predictable demise.   Nick Bryant and Bob Fitrakis are the investigators who know too much:  "I'm going to imagine he's not going to live very long."   You may want to take a shower after listening to this program:


The California Solartopia Show will be back on the air Thursday, August 29, 6:30-7pm at 90.7FM.  Meantime, please support the station.

See you in Solartopia!! 2d Solartopia Congress; Ohio Nukes vs. Solar in Paradise; RIP Epstein