More than 106, 000 viewers reveled in the exotic, interesting, unique, and independent films presented by Michael Moore and the Traverse City Film Festival in 2010! Besides such wonderful films as NOWHERE BOY (the story of John Lennon’s coming of age as a teenage rocker maverick); THE INFIDEL ( the hilarious comic presentation of a Muslim family man who discovers his biological Jewish roots from adoption records); and THE IRANIAN COOKBOOK ( a documentary which reveals the constant cooking of the Iranian mothers and wives for Ramadan), film viewers were transfixed by the magic of the filmmaking world, its directors, writers, and performers.

Michael Moore ‘s mission to support the Michigan economy is vibrant and ongoing. He announced at the panel discussion of the Cuban filmmakers and film artists that he is funding an outreach of the Michigan State Theater Project. He told me that his capitalistic profits of CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY, will be funding the renewal and revival of film theaters all through the state of Michigan. Such an initiative will revive the state, the downtowns, and the people of Michigan who as Moore describes “love to go to the movies.” Moreover, Moore will showcase 1950, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and current films at prices going back to the 1960’s.

But the festival was not all about business, for the films and the film artists featured were exciting and inspiring. The festival volunteers hosted the flamboyant and unknown to Americans Cuban filmmakers and its industry. Films like the Cuban CHOCOLATE AND ROSES showed a society striving for true equality between the genders and peoples of the world. Open and free films such as THE BEATLES’ HELP, RAISING ARIZONA, MARY POPPINS, AND FINDING NEMO also drew youngsters and their families out for a wonderful evening together.

The electricity and fun of the Traverse City Film Festival continued unabated for a sixth straight year! I loved it—and so did my two friends who eagerly joined me in the festival events. Many viewers described it as “the best festival yet.” Film, its artistry, popularity, and beauty, continues to enchant, for as the poet Keats said, “ A Thing of Beauty is a Joy forever.”