Wisconsin, Voting Rights Summer, Assange & Peltier, Greece, 5G
We cover a huge swath of the election protection universe in today’s GREEP #77 zoom gathering, with more than 90 people joining us.
We start with PETE PECKARSKY and STEVE ROSENFELD reporting on the fascist assault on voting rights in Wisconsin.
With JODIE EVANS and TATONKA BRICCA we deal with the government’s attempt to murder JULIAN ASSANGE and LEONARD PELTIER.
JOEL SEGAL introduces the magnificent concept of a VOTING RIGHTS SUMMER in which millions of young people would convene to save our electoral system from the fascist Trump/Bannon blitzkrieg.
We also hear from JULIE LEVINE about the horrifying dangers of 5G and what we need to stop it.
We hear from Europe about major mass mobilizations against the killing of a young boy in Greece.
And we CELEBRATE the victory of a millennial progressive in Chile.  NO MORE PINOCHET!!!