Gerrymandered Madness & Green Energy Future

Utter chaos in Ohio’s gerrymandering war and the California’s big green shift define our GREE-GREE zoom #90.

We are now officially the GREEN GRASSROOTS EMERGENCY ELECTION PROTECTION Coalition.  Saving the planet is inseparable from saving our elections.  

Today’s amazing gathering deals with the blood war over Ohio’s Congressional and Legislative districts, now being sabotaged by a GOP determined to trash the will of the Buckeye State as expressed by two popular referenda demanding a fair districting process.

We hear from COMMON CAUSE, the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS, INDIVISIBLE and more on a battle that could determine control of the US House, the Ohio Legislature and thus our future.  JOEL SEGAL fills us in on the Constitutional legalities.

ANDREA MILLER briefs us on grassroots organizing for 2022.

Then we hear from TATANKA BRICCA and SARA NELSON and more on fight to take California—and thus the United States and the world—to green power.  WENDI LEDERMAN fills in from Florida.  

This is a powerful, packed excursion in the election and energy democracy.  Don’t miss it!