Saving America with Grassroots Campaigns in 2022 AND 2024; Saving Rooftop Solar as well

With the great ANDREA MILLER and JOEL SEGAL our GREE-GREE gathering #91 dives into the realties of grassroots campaigning.

While the major parties will blow tens of millions on TV advertising, we saw in Georgia 2021 how effective “relational campaigning” can be.

Andrea reveals the realities of a Democratic Party dependent on a foreign-owned data company, and unwilling to do the nitty-gritty work of getting on the ground.

If a right-wing wipe-out is to be avoided, democracy centers and door-to-door tactics will be key.

TATANKA BRICCA, WENDI LEDERMAN and RON LEONARD then fill us in on the war against rooftop solar.  Anti-green moves in CA and FL are now at the cutting edge.

Join us to save both our democracy & our planet!!