#92 GreeGree Zoom April 25, 2022

Violence v. Election Workers & Ohio Madness w. Nina Turner et. al.

Our action-packed GREE-GREE #92 begins with a devastating view from JOEL SEGAL of violence being perpetrated against poll workers, a direct assault on our democracy.

We hear from HAL GINSBERG of Our Revolution on the move to prevent 1/6 Insurrectionists from taking over Congress at the polls.

PAT MARIDA of Ohio fills us in on the state’s pro-nuke scam, while TATANKA BRICCA and RON LEONARD update us on the war against rooftop solar.

Then the legendary NINA TURNER tells of her race to represent Cleveland in the US Congress.

Ohio’s RACHEL COYLE explains the insane Gerrymandering disaster there, while NICOLE SANDLER and WENDI LEDERMAN do the same from Florida.We also hear from election protection greats JOHN BRAKEY and MIMI KENNEDY.

This is a completely jammed two hours.  Don’t miss it!