Danny Sheehan & Brynn Tannehill Sound The Warnings

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Danny Sheehan & Brynn Tannehill Sound The Warnings

Our latest masterful Green Grassroots Emergency Election Protection (GREE-GREE) gathering is powered by two great observer/activists in the devastating miasma that has become the American political scene.  

BRYNN TANNEHILL takes us through the dire straits we face in the electoral process as laid out in her book AMERICAN FASCISM.  It takes root especially with gerrymandering scams completely gutting our democracy.  The GOP advantage in the US Senate skews 7% toward the Republican Party, which is now an overt fascist juggernaut.  And that’s just a small part of the internal authoritarian cancer that’s sending our nation toward dictatorship.

In our second hour, the great DANNY SHEEHAN gives us a tutorial on the legal and other challenges we face in hanging on to the last shards of our democracy.  With his unique, incredibly extensive understanding of the legal system, the Indigenous community, the environmental issue and much more, Danny’s time with us is absolutely essential to understanding where we must go to survive.

Along the way, we hear from CHUCK O’NEAL about a legal victory (!) for the environment; from TATANKA BRICCA about the battle for renewables and against nuclear power in California; from PAT MARIDA about the Ohio’s insane attempt to revive nuclear power, and much more.  

We also hear from our great GREE-GREE stalwarts about a wide variety of critical issues, including the Alaska Congressional candidacy of SANTA CLAUS for the US House, in competition with Sarah Palin, THE WICKED WITCH OF THE NORTH.  We hope you are among the hard activist core we now need so much to survive.  Please do JOIN US in this call and in our upcoming zooms.