THURSDAY, JULY 6TH 6:00PM (Introduction, Screening, with Q&A)
FRIDAY, JULY 7TH 9:00PM (Screening)
SATURDAY, JULY 8TH 7:00PM (Screening)
SUNDAY, JULY 9TH 8:00PM (Screening)

Free advance tickets available at Books Without Borders located inside the Cozmic Pizza building.

Donations $3-10 or more at the door.


OH MY GOD I HAD NO IDEA!! That's what the audience is saying as they walk out of Aaron Russo's new film, America: From Freedom to Fascism. Their voices are hushed. Some faces are pale and wet with tears, sick at what they've discovered. Many are red, angry to learn for the first time that they have been robbed -- their country, their rights, and their very future have been stolen from them and their children.

But it may all end right there - all Aaron's work, all his sacrifice, his vision, the possibilities to make a real change in America, unless we pitch in and help him. Let me explain.

Everything in the world was stacked against this movie. What major studio would back a movie this controversial? A movie that exposes the entire Federal Reserve scam the income tax fraud, and the IRS? A movie that catches a former IRS commissioner boasting that the IRS isn't subject to Supreme Court decisions? A movie that publicizes government brutality against protestors? A movie that reveals how America was swindled out of her gold reserve? A movie that pulls back the curtain on the coming police state in the US, with its plans to tag everyone with a national ID card and implant an RFID chip in every man, woman, and child? A movie that lays bare the whole New World Order?

Warner Brothers and MGM and Fox wouldn't touch that project with a thirty foot pole, let alone put up money to make the movie. Those giant corporations - already in bed with big government - would never produce or release that movie.

So without asking for anybody's help, Aaron Russo set out to make this film, because he knew it had to be made. He put up 100% of the money to make the film. He invested two years of his life. He laid his name and his reputation on the line. Aaron made this movie so everyone in America would understand, so people would really get it. And when they see the movie, they do. (You can view a trailer for the movie at

Now Aaron Russo needs our help. The money and the years have been spent, the movie has been made, the test audiences are raving about it, distribution has been arranged, but Aaron still needs our help.

The movie must still be marketed and advertised. It must be promoted and supported by TV, newspaper, and radio advertising to get it out to the largest audience possible, to every nook and cranny in America, every city, every town, every corner of America.

How could a single movie be that important? Because it will change forever Americans' false perception of how things work here. Everybody has to see this movie. This is the tool we've been waiting for. It's non-violent, it's ruthlessly honest, and it can change America. Everybody who sees this movie gets it. The light goes on. Nobody has ever explained so much in one place before.

Let me make something plain. This is not a movie that divides, but a movie that unites. Aaron's movie plays to the whole country. It doesn't take sides. It's not Democrat or Republican, it's not left, not right, but dead on.

Without your help, Aaron has only enough steam to open in New York City on July fourth. After that, nothing will happen unless every one of us helps him.

Please join us for an advance screening and preview fundraiser to aid Aaron’s national distribution efforts at Cozmic Pizza 199 W 8th Ave. over the weekend of the Country Fair (screening times listed above) or visit the film’s website to donate your time, money or energy to organizing national efforts.