Protest signs by Citizens United Against the Death Penalty (CUADP) held by Columbus’ own Abe Bonowitz may be visible on a March episode of “The West Wing” in the 4 or 5 seconds showing the character Josh Lyman pushing his way through a crowd of protesters outside the White House. The episode is about the appointment of a new US Supreme Court Justice after a sitting one drops dead. The West Wing production people had gone ahead and made their own anti-death penalty signs and t-shirts, all based on messages they saw on materials used by CUADP -- pictured at  Even so, they used Abe’s signs as well, complete with phone numbers and web pages.  Abe is the guy in the back of the crowd holding the 4x10 foot banner reading “STOP STATE KILLING!” 

Abe was also treated to a personal tour of the West Wing set, and had his picture taken while sitting at President Jed Bartlet’s desk in the “Oval Office.”  Unfortunately, Martin Sheen, who plays Jed Bartlet, was busy elsewhere on the set so Abe didn’t get to meet him.