The Ohio Senate Rules Committee is currently holding hearings to consider H.B. 3 - the election reform omnibus bill. This will not solve the problems witnessed in Ohio's elections last November. Legislation that requires all voters to show photo identification is misguided and will do more to disenfranchise legitimate voters than it ever will to curb "fraud". S.B. 36 needs to be defeated.

H.B. 3 contains language that would put barriers in the way of voters. There are glaring omissions in the bill and it fails to address several key OH election problems - such as a lack of notification of former felons when their voting rights have been restored, simply put, H.B. 3 does not go far enough to protect the voting rights of Ohioans and should not be passed in its current form. The Rules Committee is currently making decisions that affect all Ohio voters. You can help stop these bills by making two calls today! Please call Rules Committee Chairman Bill Harris as well as your own senator and tell them:
A) Vote NO to S.B. 36! Photo identification requirements harm Ohio voters.
B) Table H.B. 3 for further consideration! Ohioans deserve real election reform and H.B. 3 will not fix any of the problems seen in the November election.

Sen. Bill Harris, Statehouse
Room #201, Second Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Telephone: (614) 466-8086
If you have additional time - please call the other members of the Senate Rules Committee. They can be found at