There's still time to contact your state representatives. The Buckeye Forest Council (BFC) applauds Representative Mike Foley (D-Cleveland) for addressing the abuses of clear-cutting along utility easements through public property. The BFC helped shape a proposal with Representative Foley that would give Ohioans the opportunity to formally voice concerns over clear-cutting and pipeline maintenance activities occurring on state lands. We need your help right away to build support for this effort.

Representative Foley’s memo calling for co-sponsors announces: “I will soon be introducing legislation that will require the Director of Natural Resources to hold a public hearing before entering into a lease or granting an easement for any of specified purposes or allowing clear-cutting of trees on lands owned, controlled, maintained, or administered by the Department of Natural Resources.

Utilities and transmission companies have asserted their right of way by clear-cutting through public and private property without regard for environmental consequences or respect for property owners. Massive tree removal along pipelines and wells significantly impacts natural areas that Ohioans treasure for their scenic, ecological and recreational value.

Pipeline safety and service cannot be ignored, but transmission companies have gone beyond what is reasonable in their clear-cutting activities. There is little justification for clear-cutting beyond what has been historically adequate for pipeline and well maintenance. In the meantime, Ohioans are losing natural treasures and important recreation areas without a formal avenue to assert the will of the public.

Ohio citizens deserve the right to comment on cutting and maintenance activities that harm our public forests and parks. A legitimate public input process, occurring before clear-cutting or before maintenance activities are carried out along easements through ODNR land , would give Ohioans a chance to weigh in on the future of our public lands and create a more accountable process.

Take Action! We need your help to encourage more accountability and protection for Ohio’s natural heritage.

Write, call or email your state representative Before June 14 and urge him/her to co-sponsor Representative Foley’s proposal, which creates an opportunity for the public to weigh in on clear-cutting activities along easements through ODNR-controlled land.

Find your state representative by visiting Legislature Let him/her know that public lands provide valuable scenic, ecological and recreational opportunities for all of Ohioans to enjoy. Let him/her know that you support legislation to give Ohioans a chance to weigh in on the future of our public resources and create a more accountable process. Please let us know if you contacted your state representative and what response you got. All state representatives need to hear from us in order to secure bi-partisan support.

Constituents in Representative Thom Collier’s district (R-Mt.Vernon) and Representative Jay Goyal’s district (D-Mansfield) especially need to encourage support for this proposal. It would address situations such as caused by Columbia Gas, which tried to clear-cut trees along a 50-foot wide path through the Mohican State Forest and park. Public outcry has urged the company to reconsider.

Citizens living in Representative Jimmy Stewart’s district (R-Athens) should also encourage support for Representative Foley’s proposal.

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