Action needed by Monday August 11. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division Of Forestry periodically issues a Bid Prospectus announcing State Forest timber for sale. A July 14, 2008 Bid Prospectus calls for bids on 727,686 board feet International ¼ of hardwood sawtimber and 2008 tons of hardwood pulpwood stumpage located on 89 acres in the Shawnee State Forest. The bid opening is to be Wednesday, August 13, 2008 ay 3:00 p.m.

Among the trees to be cut are included 353 White Oak trees, 374 Black Oak trees, and 537 Scarlet Oak trees. 704 of these trees will be 20” average diameter at breast height (dbh). This bid contains 5 cutting sections and “All sections shall be clearcut for natural regeneration…The purchaser shall make reasonable efforts to leave large snags standing in all cutting sections.”

According to a recent call for action issued by Cheryl Carpenter founder of Voices For the Forest “Shawnee's Day Trail is ranked the 19th best trail in Ohio by The team has traveled and explored the outdoors all over North America and internationally in Europe, Asia, and Africa and has received numerous prestigious awards.”

It is critical that we let the Governor know that these cuts to support unproven forest management techniques including cutting down Oak trees to grow more Oak trees is both a waste of our natural and financial resources.

Please go to Voices For the Forest and use the simple and effective communications tool found there and support our efforts to stop this Bid process from destroying yet another place of wonder and peace.