Act Today for A Clean Energy Tomorrow Please go to the link below to contact Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted. Thank him for including renewable energy in Ohio's energy bill. Ask him to remove coal and nuclear! Deadline for responding: Please take action by Tuesday, April 01, 2008. Action Alert

The Ohio House has the opportunity to pass a strong clean energy policy, but they won’t do it without your support.


The world’s climate scientists agree: Global warming is real, here, and happening faster than anyone predicted. But, scientists agree that we can curb global warming and its consequences if we take bold, comprehensive action now.

Solution: The proposed State Energy Policy, Senate Bill 221, provides Ohio with an opportunity to enact strong, meaningful energy policy. But the proposed clean energy standards are too weak to make the necessary reductions in global warming emissions. As written, the legislation includes some renewable energy and energy efficiency, but also includes coal and nuclear.

We are committed to making the State Energy Policy better by encouraging lawmakers to strengthen the energy efficiency standard and remove coal and nuclear. A strong clean energy policy will create jobs and reduce energy costs. Ohio can curb global warming and improve its economy.

Action Needed: We won’t succeed without your help. Please contact Speaker of the House Jon Husted. Ask him to support stronger clean energy standards.