I just received a call from Peggy Kidwell concerning her husband Joe "Hemp" Kidwell. Joe was an outspoken medical marijuana activist in Southern California who moved to Kentucky. In Kentucky, he was arrested for possession. He was not allowed to ring up his medical conditions or medical use. His wife is very distraught because he is being refused medical assistance in Federal Prison. The last time she saw him (last week), she said he was in terrible condition and the guards were refusing to get him medical help.

Please take a few moments to make some phone calls to Demand he get medical attention!

Sample Call: "It has come to my attention that Joe Kidwell #08559033 in Federal Prison Lexington, KY is being refused medical attention. I am very concerned about his well being and would appreciate it if you would in inquire why he is being denied this right. Please call me back to let me know he is being helped."

Prison Warden: George Synder 859-255-6812

US Senator Mitch McConnell 202-224-2544

KY Governor Paul Frankfort 502-564-2611

News Articles about Joe: