Know any progressive business owners? Dentists, travel agents or service organizations who might be interested in advertising during Progressive Talk radio shows?

Our group, OhioMajorityRadio, is approaching Central Ohio radio broadcasters to propose that they include Progressive Talk in their programming. We would like to show local broadcasters that there is support for Progressive Talk in the Central Ohio business community.

Could you please write a brief letter indicating to local radio broadcasters that you would be interested in buying commercial time during Progressive Talk programming?

For example, the letter could simply state:

"I would like to advertise my business during Progressive Talk radio programs. Broadcasters should contact me when they have Progressive Talk programming on their station."---signed, on your company or agency's letterhead.

After you've written this non-binding "letter of interest", please mail it to:
P.O. Box 14117
Columbus, OH 43214

We would appreciate replies within the next week.

Best Regards,

Volunteers on the Advertising Committee,
"The People's Voice"