National AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka, signaling how important Ohio’s fight against SB 5 is to the entire labor movement, will address the official KICK-OFF OF THE FIGHT TO WIN THE SB 5 AT THE POLLS, being held this THURSDAY, JULY 21, at 1:30 at the PIPEFITTERS UNION HALL, 1250 KINNEAR RD, COLUMBUS.

Leading the kick-off meeting will be OHIO AFL-CIO PRESIDENT TIM BURGA. This important gathering is OPEN TO ALL OPPOSED TO ANTI-LABOR SENATE BILL 5. Folks are asked to contact Amanda Sabol, if possible, to RSVP for this historic kick-off meeting; RSVP

Having filed an historic 1.3 million signatures, the most, by far, ever gathered for a ballot referendum in Ohio, the real fight is just now set to begin. At a recent meeting in Columbus, Senator Sherrod Brown stated that he expected wealthy supporters of SB 5 to spend over $4 million in an attempt to defeat the referendum. As important and historic as the referendum drive was, it can all be for naught if we don’t get out the votes and win at the polls in November.

Speaking on policies of Ohio Governor Kasich, Trumka stated that Kasich’s, his allies, policies are “to use budget issues to enrich people who are already wealthy at the expense of the weak.” Both Kasich and (Wisconsin Governor) Scott Walker, Trumka said, “campaigned promising to do something about jobs, only to reveal when taking office that their real jobs agenda was to make them disappear!”

Senate Bill 5 would deny Ohio’s public workers the right to bargain collectively. It was pushed through the Ohio legislature with only GOP votes.

“This is not just a referendum on SB 5,” stated Burga, “it is a referendum on Kasich and his radical political allies blatant assault on working class families and the middle class.”

All central Ohioans interested in justice should BE THERE, PIPEFITTER’S HALL, 1250 KINNEAR RD, NEXT THURSDAY AT 1:30. This is NOT a Republican or a Democratic issue, but an issue of economic fairness!

“It doesn’t matter if candidates or parties are controlling the wrecking ball or simply standing aside,” Trumka stated recently to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, “the outcome is the same either way. Leaders who aren’t blocking the wrecking ball & advancing the interests of working families will not be supported by working people!”

All of us have an interest in blocking this wrecking ball and winning the SB 5 fight in November. BE THERE THURSDAY AT THE PIPEFITTER’S HALL!