We start GREEP Zoom #140 with the great GOVERNOR DON SIEGELMAN of Alabama.   

The heroic former Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and then Governor of Alabama gives us the run-down on voter suppression history in this country.

He brilliantly denounces the death penalty, of which he has a disturbing personal history.

And he then explains the latest surprising “Milligan” decision by the US Supreme Court which actually overturns a deep anti-black gerrymandering rule in Alabama.

After an important string of questions for Governor Siegelman, we gives way to BRYNN TANNEHILL, who gives us a detailed look at anti-LGBTQ rights.

Brynn shows us the massive numbers of LGBTQ citizens who are fleeing their homes in droves unseen since the horrors of European Jews fleeing the Nazis.

Brynn’s brilliant analysis comes with important graphics and pivotal first-person overviews that truly clarifies the national overview.

Don’t miss either of these important, powerful presenters.