On Friday September 4, I went to an album release party for the Artist named “Fly Boy” at Expressions. I didn’t know what to expect from him but he brought a powerful performance. Being that Fly Boy was a Christian Rapper, he chose to have other Christian Artists open and warm up the audience for him. Artists included were “Jahova’s Boy,” “Har-vey,” “Icee Jake,” “Zero” and “Star.” They all delivered a powerful performance and the crowd was eager to see where Fly Boy would take the emotion.

Fly Boy came in with a lounge style instrumental performed by the live band that he had with him on the stage. During one of his songs he called his group “Fly Mental” to the stage and about a third of those standing joined him on the stage to perform an interlude which was just amazing. Fly Boy decided to announce in between his next song that everyone on the stage with him doesn’t just say it, they live it.

What was also beyond average about this performance was that in between some songs he would apologize for being overwhelmed by the spirit and begin speaking in tongues. During certain songs that were extremely catchy, the crowd would chant the chorus, accompanying him because whatever he was feeling on stage we were also feeling.

The Friday slowly became a Sunday because during the last song Fly Boy asked that if anyone was going through troubles or hard times to please come forward and he would pray for them. Many stepped forward and he began praying for them all. He was later helped by others to pray for those in need of prayer. For the next twenty minutes the air was filled with light singing, mellow music and the sound of one hundred Christians praying. I am honored to say that I was one of the Christians engaged in prayer during this time.

As the night drew to a close and the music died down, I realized what made this performance stand out from the many that I have watched before. This performance included God and unlike many others that did, God wasn’t merely a member of the audience at this show; he was a performer on stage alongside Fly Boy.