We focus in the GREEP Zoom #155 on the in-your-face crisis at California’s Diablo Canyon nuke reactors.

While the 39-year-old Unit One is shut for refueling, a growing public movement demands the obvious—test this crumbling old nuke for embrittlement and much more BEFORE it’s allowed to re-open.

After four decades of blasting heat, pressure and radiation, Diablo’s Reactor Pressure Vessels are fried to the point of shattering like glass should they be flooded with coolant water in an emergency.

In other words….if the “brakes” are applied at uninsured Diablo during a major accident, the whole place will blow up.

Steam, Hydrogen and fission explosions will blast apocalyptic radioactive cloud into the steady breezing blowing south to Los Angeles.

Then it’ll go west into the Central Valley, then north to the Bay Area….and all across the continental United States.

LINDA SEELEY of the Mothers for Peace explains how her long-lived, incredibly persistent group is fighting to keep Diablo shut in the court system, regulatory agency and Public Utilities Commission.

As we learn from ROBERT FREEHLING and  RON LEONARD among others, renewable energy has long since filled any possible supply gaps caused by Diablo’s closure.

The billions in hand-outs being offered PG&E to stay open dwarf any help being given wind, solar, efficiency, etc which have already far outstripped nuclear power in price.

Indeed, the nature of the grid now DEMANDS that base-load nuke supplies give way to flexible, cheaper, cleaner, safer and more reliable renewables.

At the core of the issue, we seek the Plan B that will shut these nukes forever….in the midst of rumors Gov. Newsom may be “reconsidering” his insane decision to keep Diablo running.